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F azayal has followed the traditional route of Mechanical Engineering topped with a post-graduate diploma in business management on the academic front but is unconventional in other aspects of his life.
With a black belt in Judo and accomplishments at the state level, he continues to keep sports close to his heart. Various marathons and half marathons that he participates in, complement his sedentary corporate career, spanning thirteen plus years.
With expertise in training and development, Fazayal loves to travel and observe people around him, a trait that augments his training skills, borrowing from real life experiences and people to develop people in the most relevant way. Residing in Mumbai, he shares his passion with every other Indian for cricket and Bollywood.

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October 14, 2021

Featured on Outlook India as one of the Top 10 personalities

September 11, 2020

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September 11, 2020

One of the winners of Spotlight Chapter 2

September 11, 2020

Ranked 8th on Amazon

September 11, 2020

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About The Book

Our life is nothing but a collection of short stories. Some make us smile while some make us cry. This book contains twelve short stories of normal people stuck up in abnormal situations.

  • An honest police officer caught up in curfew duty.
  • A bus cleaner who dreams of becoming a bus driver.
  • A man with six failed suicide attempts.
  • A guy on wrong side of one sided love.
  • An upper middle class family and their astrologer.
  • An average engineering student who hates VIVA.
  • A woman comes face to face with her stalker.
  • An elder brother writes a letter to his younger brother.
  • A boyfriend fed up of his nagging girlfriend.
  • A hardworking and just married woman gets the promotion she always wanted.
  • A man on first day of his dream job.
  • First train journey of someone new in a travelling job.


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What Readers Say

  • Finished the book in a single sitting. Explores the dark side and the ironies if life with some impactful and hard hitting stories

    Mr. Aditya S

  • Excellent collection of stories, Full of emotions of all kinds , very well written , just finished in one go ! Impactful
    Mr. Pradeep Chhabra
  • The topics are mentioned in a very simple language to understand, more upon it will not make you boring while reading it.

    Mr. Zahir S

  • Amazing read, if you don't have lot of time at a go and are found of short stories this is a must read for you.

    Mr. Jayprakash Tiwari

  • I liked all the stories, which connect with the real life happenings. Author has put in lot of thought as each of the story has a unexpected ending.

    Mr. Saipratap Sampath

  • While I was looking for book to read this weekend I came across this book,I liked the title took a look at the preview and bought it. It took me around 5 to 6 hrs. To finish this book.And at end of it I was very happy to have spent my weekend reading this book.The stories are simple,relatable and very well written.

    Mr. Rakesh Shetty

  • I read the book "City under Curfew"..excellent collection of short stories of life experiences, uniquely presented by the author, Fazayal Shabbir. "Drive Safely", "The promotion",  "First and the last letter" I enjoyed the most.

    Ms. Lavita Powell

  • Nothing whether good or bad stays forever, it has to end." True for both life and a good story, City under Curfew is a collection of 12 short stories meant to keep you on your toes while reading it. The topics that Fazayal covered are so day to day that I will make you stop for a second and think that behind every normal face, there is an extraordinary story ready to be explored.

    Ms. Anu Bansal

  • Very well written collection of short stories. Almost all of them have a “sort of” surprise anti-climax to them. And that makes it gripping for the reader. I loved reading all stories. Very simple language used without jazzy vocabulary which makes it easy and fast read.

    Mr. Amit Raju

  • A good start for people who wish to start reading books but haven't started yet. Even those who are avid readers would enjoy reading the stories with twist.

    Mr. Karthik Ramachandran

  • Wanted to grab the ebook immediately on launch but waited for a month for the paperback to be available. Quite happy with the wait as the cover art beautifully captures the theme of 5-6 stories.

    Mr. Gorab Jain

Fazayal Reads

Must read poems

I usually don't read poems, mostly read prose. However, this collection of poems by Dr Gitanjali Kalia got my attention and how! They are not love poems like we mostly see in the market. They are a collection of truth about humanity. The poems in this collection are a mirror to the society and everyone should read them and understand their meaning. I really loved the way, the poet chose so many varied and relevant topics. There are a total of 30 great quality poems in the collection. Though, difficult to choose but my favourite ones from the collection are "Women", "I Felt So Small", "Borders", " Slaves of the system" and "A Robotic Life".

A perfect read for a weekend. Hope to read more work of the Gitanjali Kalia in future.

'Choice of Fate' by Hassan Usmani is an interesting book which I just read. Angels in this book work in a factory and create human beings as per the specifications given to them. One of the angels receives an interesting specification one day. He could give to that human whatever feature he or she wants. But would it be as simple as it seems? The language of the book is simple and easy to understand. There aren't any grammatical errors which one sees in books from the subcontinent. I feel the book can be adapted very well on stage. It is also written in that format. It is a short read and one can easily finish it in one sitting.

Do get it if you want to read something philosophical yet light.

'Mirrro' by Manoj Kumar Sharma has been one of the most visible books on social media in the past one year or so. It has been nominated for many awards and even won a lot of awards. The story of "Mirrro" is very interesting. It deals with the biggest social evils our country is facing. Alcoholism, tobacco usage and crime against women. It also covers how ragging is a menace and should be eliminated totally from colleges and hostels. It also gives social commentary on the condition of media in our country. Story is set in the year 2030. It begins with attacks on alcohol and tobacco units in various parts of the country. Plus instance justice given to rapists.
Who is responsible for this? Is it a person or a group of people? Are they isolated incidents or are they related to each other?
Who is Indo Sharma and what's his story?
You would get answers to all these questions when you would read the novel.
Why is the novel named "Mirrro"?
There is an interesting twist and you should read the book to know the secret. The language is simple and the flow of the book is good. The book also contains lots of diagrams and sketches which helps visualise the story better. The only thing which I felt could have been better is that the story could have been told in lesser pages, it was stretched a bit.

Overall, a very enjoyable read. There is a scope for a sequel as well.